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2013 2.5i Limited, Moonroof, Navigation, EyeSight
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The first post I make needs to be a heart felt "THANK YOU". I lurked and read alot of the posts and topics here to help me make my decision.

We just retired here in Prescott, AZ and wanted to get a new car that would both last and handle the minor winter snow here in the Arisona mountains. We moved from southern California and snow was something you put on the mountains to look at, maybe go up on a weekend day with the kids and grandkids. We don't have much here but felt it best to be on the save side.

Thanks to all the posts and discussions on this site was able to not only feel comfortable with our choice but also with all the limitations and nuances of the vehicle we choose.

BTW we chose the 2013 Outback 2.5i Limited with CVT, moonroof, Nav and EyeSight. Should arrive around the 19th of Nov. :):) Got all the foul weather mats etc. as well.

Again thanks to all of you. We feel that this is the BEST choice we could have made. Still thinking on the SOA Warranty 7/100,000/$0 warranty.:confused: After reading here will not pay over $1,695 for it, if we decide to do it.

Are there any thrid party add ons we should be looking at getting while the vehicle is new?

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