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thanks y'all!

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Hi Everyone,

I bought a new Subaru yesterday, and I love it! This is my first Subaru, and I researched for about a year (mostly on this forum) before buying it. Thank you all for the great information and discussion posted here; it really helped me in buying (as I am really picky about my vehicles), because I've never owned a Subaru before.

I ended up with a twilight blue 2013 2.5i Premium CVT with all-weather package, auto-dim mirror/homelink, body side molding, and rear bumper cover. I bought it at Austin Subaru, and I couldn't be happier with the way the dealership treated me, except the financing guy pushed me to get the extended warranty even though I clearly wasn't buying it.

I started test-driving Subarus when the 2012 models first came out, looking about both Outbacks and Foresters. I decided that the 3.6 Premium Outback was the model for me. I heard of the 2013 "refresh" and waited to see how it would be taken by the masses. I was disappointed to learn the 3.6 Premium model wouldn't be offered for 2013, one reason being that it was at the maximum of my budget, the other being the Limited has options I don't care to have. My plan was to wait for the 2014 models to come out, and then make a decision about what to buy, but my girlfriend wrecked my car, so I decided it was time to buy.

I've driven manuals most my life, and much prefer a manual transmission. I'd never had or driven a CVT. I decided to stay away from the CVT and find a manual 2.5 Premium...I really prefer not to have most of the added options the Limited adds. I decided to go with the 4 cylinder (for the first time in my life) to take advantage of the gas mileage. After a lengthy test drive with a manual, I was stumped because the 2.5 with manual was fun to drive, but sufficiently underpowered. I was stumped because I figured that I couldn't live with an underpowered car, but I couldn't afford a 3.6 Limited--and I really couldn't imagine paying for all those options that I didn't want.

All this time I hadn't even considered the CVT. I just didn't want to go there. So, I went home and researched more for a couple day, reading everything I could about the CVT vs. manual, and decided to at least give it a test-drive. I went back to my patient salesman and asked him to find one more for me to drive, a 2.5 Premium CVT. I went on another lengthy test-drive and was really impressed. With the CVT, it was like a completely different car, in a good way. It seemed to have more torque off the line, accelerated with no problem, and handled higher speeds with ease. Honestly, I was shocked. It doesn't have the torque of the 3.6, for sure; but it was definitely sufficient for me. The Outback was 2 different cars with the CVT vs. the manual, and the CVT just handles it better.

I'm sure with some learning of the car, I could maximize the sweet spots for each gear at all speeds using the manual; but I still feel that the CVT yields the best overall performance, and gets the most power and efficiency from the 2.5. I picked out the one I wanted, bought it, and drove it about 150 miles yesterday. So far, I'm thrilled with it--I can't remember being so excited about buying a new car! I look forward to being a part of this community.
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Just wanted to say hello and welcome to a neighboring Subaru fan. I ordered my '13 OB 3.6R 10 days ago from Roger Beasly in Georgetown. Hope you are enjoying your new ride!
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