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2014 Outback, 60K miles.
This problem has come and gone for the past couple years, but it getting worse.
A chirping or squeaking sound that rises and falls with engine rpm. It seems worse when under load as the noise calms down at steady speed or idle.
Seems to be coming from one of the engine pulleys. My mechanic pulled the belt off and turned all rotating parts feeling and listening for a bad bearing possibly, but he found nothing.
I changed the belt, but the problem is still there.
The weird part is the noise would be there for a week or so, then go away for several months. Then it would come back, then quit again. The noise is louder and not going away now.
Any ideas where the problem is coming from?

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accessory belts get changed?
2014 Subaru maintenance schedule and new car break-in period

any noise from the power steering pump / reservoir? (reservoir possibly getting air).


alternator bearings can make funny noises. cup you hand and place it, or something like it, "safely" over the holes so as to muffle a noise. the tone changes it is internal to the alternator.
(but hopefully a 60,000 car would not have a problem like that).


I guess a vacuum leak could also sound like a bird.
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