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So I finally grew some castanets and Plasticoted my 2015 OB Ltd's grill...........saw a video on YouTube that showed it being done and I jumped....after owning the OB since June 2015.

The main point that I'd like to point out to others on the fence is that other than the masking of the grille, itself, no other care needed to be taken to prevent coating the radiator/AC condenser with overspray....

If you avoid hitting the lower grille half directly dead on with the spray, almost nothing will get to the cooling system.

I sprayed down at an angle and side to side BUT nothing straight at the lower grille which is the only part to be open clear thru.........the cooling system sits approx. 8-10" behind the grille.

I cleaned the grille with Bestine, an artist's solvent which I've used for decades to clean paint chips before touchup as it dissolves waxes, tars, and whatever.......

Just take your time in the masking process. I had a bit of mild overspray at the extreme left and right of the grille but that's easily removed my just rubbing lightly.....

Not sure how the Plasticote will age and I'm not crazy about the rubbery surface feel of the coating BUT it beats removing the front clip and fender arch moldings to get the actual grille completely out so I might have sprayed it with epoxy paint as I had planned........

Questions, please ask but this is a well discussed topic........many older threads are available BUT I wanted to add my two cents!



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