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The quest for a better NAV.

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I like many others, was surprised by how crappy the stock nav is. I didnt think you could get much worse than the stock nav on my acura, but boy was I surprised. But what can we do about it and what are the pros and cons of each options. Here's how I see it. Whats your opinion? I'll be updating with links and pics and my journey moves forward! :D

Option 1 - Updating stock nav

Skill Level - Easy

Pros - A quick fix for problems with the nav being off by a couple hundred yards.

Cons - Other than maybe making the nav more accurate, nothing else changes.

How to do it - If you have a newer vehicle , you can request new CD's from your dealer. It's a kenwood issue, so going to SOA wont do much good. Some have good luck getting free upgrades, and some dont so YMMV. Worst case, the CD's are around two hundred dollars.

Side note: Some say that other DENSO discs from other automakers will work in the soobie. Although I have read "it works" post, i have yet to see any pictures or proof.

Cost: $ 0 - 285.00
Option 2- Using a tablet or GPS.

Skill Level - Easy to Difficult

Pros - Google NAV is among the best tools for navigation. It's accurate and up to date. You also get the advantages of other apps that may be useful to some. Custom Roms come in handy and there are also some tablets without physical buttons that make the experience easier.

Cons - Mounting larger screens can be a pain. The weight of a large tablet is cumbersome. Certain screen positions can block outside views. Wires also must go from the unit to the power source and many choose to take the unit down and put it away while not in the vehicle. You lose a 7" diagonal chunk of real estate on the dash and may only use stock nav for the backup cam.

How to do it: Get a tablet, get a mount and plug and go. Some people have put tablets inside the dash and this requires custom or aftermarket parts. Also the screen on tablets are usually glossy and can be hard to see while driving.

Cost: Cost of Tablet and Mount. Examples:
500 Ipad + 40 Mount - 600.00
200 Nexus 7 + 40 Mount - 240.00
Option 3- Replacing the stock NAV with another GPS head unit

Skill - Medium to Difficult

Pros - You get a better product that will be better than stock, but maybe not as good as Google Maps. It also may come with bluetooth, usb inputs and other options.

Cons - Setup can be difficult and getting steering wheel controls and backup cams working can be a pain. Also getting a stock look to the setup requires custom or aftermarket parts.

How to do it : Purchase an aftermarket unit and install.

Cost: Ranges from usually 700- 1800 for good units. + the cost of install if you're not going the DIY route.
Option 4 - Carputer

To be updated ....
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My vote is option 3, though option 4 has always intrigued me. The carputer seems like the perfect solution, except for the reliance on you to source, integrate, install, possibly troubleshoot, and make it function day to day for a long time.

The iPad might be an option if you can find a sturdy mount. At the shop I worked at we had quite a few people that were unhappy with the mounts available with too much wiggle on the adjustable versions to not enough adjustment options on the sturdy ones. The bigger screen would be a huge plus, especially if you had a unit with cellular or a hot spot in the car.
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