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Gotcha, that's kinda what I was looking for. Thanks for the input. If it happens with everyone, then I guess I can't do much about it aside from getting a custom higher output alternator, which isn't feasible for this car.

I'm not sure if mine is particularly weak, or if it's just the nature of the beast, but it happens with individual turn signals too. LED is a good idea, but I wish I wouldn't have to replace every single bulb in the rear of my car to try to alleviate this.

Looks like 90A is the stock alternator output, is there a direct-fit higher-amp application, like a 100A from an H6? (won't physically fit, right?) Or a later model H4 that used 100A? Maybe my aftermarket alternator just sucks? If I went with a Bosch or Denso replacement, are those common aftermarket alternators for these?

My '05 Legacy did not have this issue, I suppose this was fixed in '05 with the new generation.
I have a 2000 Outback sedan and mine is doing the same thing.
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