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I've owned a 95 legacy wagon for around...10 years, well its been in the family for that long, ive driven it for around 7. At 218K the water pump went so I'm giving up on it. I got there with really poor maintenance on the vehicle and have learned my lesson

There is a local 95 legacy wagon for sale - leather, sunroof, only 99k (holy crap), no rust. 2.2L...should be a great car

I've been told to ask if its been sitting around since that could be bad news. something about the seals and o-rings being gunked up, and I can only tell if the car smokes and smells terrible when I turn it on. I don't know a lot about cars but I do know a good amount about Subarus.

I was wondering if ya'll kind people could give me some tip on what to check for specifically with this kind of subaru. I know the typical used car checks but maybe there are some subaru specifics that I could add?

Can I tell if a major part with need replacement soon just visibly? I don't have access to a local mechanic since I just moved.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts.
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