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Third week of Outback ownership

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Bought my 2013 Outback Preminum 3weeks today,I have wanted one ever since I bought my 2004 F150. Mine is Satin White Pearl, with Option Packages 02 and 1A. Even though I like power the 4 bangers have always been my favorite engines. I opted for the CVT because having 2 artificial knees makes shifting a bit painfull, those paddle shifters are a blast.
I have purchased rear seat back protector and both the side window deflectors and hood protector. I found when installing the hood protector place the deflector on the hood to position the clear tabs and it also makes easer to see how the tabs are positioned. Still waiting for my trailer hitch to come in, decided to buy the Subaru's OEM unit because I got in for a little over $100.00 and by the the looks of it it mounts using the bumper bolts. If anyone knows different let me know please.

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