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since Ive posted here a few times I thought I might introduce myself. my name is stephen and i recently took delivery of my second outback. its a monotone silver 2004 wagons as seen in the really crappy picture. I bouht it because Ive decided to get rid of my impreza and get something a little more grown up.

I became a diehard subaru after I started dating my now fiance who has a 2000 outback wagon, her poor little outback has been through **** but it has never once given us problems. its been beat up a little but but hopefully whn my impreza sells ill be able to focus on the outbacks..

Heres my 2004:

i know its a lousy picture

and heres my fiances:
at the river

after discovering the puddle i drove through that was WAAAY deeper than i thought it was

these are when a ******* told me my "rice burner" couldnt follow in the mud pit after him
what I dont have is the other side of this puddle, i sank the car up to about 3/4 of the way up the fog light, the car did not like that and started to stumble a little but. we went hoe afterwards

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Welcome Stephen, I can already tell you'll fit in well with the crowd from here!

Good to see you properly breaking that Subaru in. Keep up sharing the photos!
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