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i have a 2007 subaru outback wagon. i drove this car every day as a daily driver but now with my new job i work out of state so the car sits at the house for up to three months at a time. when i returned after my first three month job i started the car like normal and noticed a whining noise coming from the transmission. Its the **** throw out bearing...

Im super pissed too because the car has 70k miles on it. i baby it. never abuse the clutch at all... but with that noise and the throwout bearing going out i know it will only get worse... so here comes the question...

Should i just get a clutch kit and replace all the clutch components? i mean there is no slippage or any additional issues with the clutch... but im thinking since im so deep anyways i might as well replace everything... What are your thoughts? also, has anyone seen any good DIY stuff on clutch replacements or you tube videos? Lemmie know. Thanks for reading. :17:


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