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Alright my CarBargains data back bid was invoice cost for my new '05 OB XT Ltd. Thinkin' that's not too shabby!! Unfortunately it's not at the nearest dealership, but I've gone back and called my local guys...let them know about where it's getting serviced and gave them a chance to show their stuff if they want the sale.

No I guess the only hitch is making sure they can get the hands on what I want before the end of the year!!! Anyway...had a lot of help from this board and all its members, thought I'd throw out a little update on my status. Hopefully within the next couple weeks I'll be the proud owner of a new toy!

By the way, not sure if everyone's aware of this or not...come tax time you get a little extra federal goodie!! My understanding is that in one of the recent business tax break bills passed through Congress, there's a personal provision added to the tax code. Unless I'm mistaken, you'll be able for 2004 & 2005 dedect your local state taxes from your personal federal return. You'll be able to do this either by itemizing or taking a lump deduction.

But here's the good part...above that you'll be able to deduct I think either the tax you pay on a new car or boat purchase!! For me when everything's said and done...that's another ~$2K off my income for tax purposes!

Just passin' it along.

Oh yeah, I'll post pics when the big day comes!
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