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Timing belt change questions

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I am going to change the timing belt on my 99 legacy outback and I have seen a lot of posts on how people have been locking the camshaft to get the bolt off the pulley. First is there a preferred method to this, I don't have a chain wrench and am worried that the starter method may damage something, can i just use the screwdriver method to remove and reattach without any problems or is a chain-wrench needed? Also how long approx does it take to change one, i am pretty proficient mechanically but have never changed one before. I ordered a kit that has the timing belt, and replaceable pulleys in it along with camshaft seals.
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might be a good time to put in a new thermostat. make sure its 170deg larger-OEM-type, not cheap aftermarket. I think Stant and now maybe wix and NAPA offer soob -specific ones. Test the new one on the stove if possible, just to be sure it opens around 170.

burp the coolant system well.

be careful with the tensioner - either re-using or if you make a mistake and have to re-compress the new one - do it glacially slow.

good luck
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