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Timing belt change

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Started my timing belt change this PM. Ordered my parts individually from Amazon. Everything is made in Japan. Got the covers, etc off and started removing the belt First pulley I removed was the bottom left to remove tension. Lo and behold, It was wrong. No flange on back side. Removed the toothed pulley with no problems. Removed the belt which still had very legible markings on it. Removed the top left pulley and this one had the flange. Evidently someone had been inside here before and put the two pulleys in the wrong position. Went to remove the water pump and found only one bolt holding the thermostat housing on . All 6 bouts were in the puimp though. I wasn't able to find any service history on this vehicle that said the timing belt had been changed. Talked to original owner who traded it at 124k with the original belt. Sometine in the next 18 months and 20k miles someone was in there.