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timing belt d.i.y.?

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I've tried a search on here with no real luck. I am looking to do a timing belt on a 98 legacy outback with the 2.5. Does anyone have a write-up on this?
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Its easier access with the radiator and fans out of the way. Both can be removed as a single piece.
Do I really need those special tools - as shown in - to hold the cams in place once the belt is removed? If so, where do I get them?
You can doe it without them, but it is tricky. The valve springs want to snap the valves shut while the cams are in the proper position for the belt to be installed.
No need for the special tools. On a LH drive car, the driver's side intake cam (upper one) will probably move out of position due to spring pressure when the old TB is removed. Be prepared for this with a wrench on the cam sprocket bolt and ease the cam down CCW to where the spring pressure eases off. Then, when installing the new TB, use a wrench turn the sprocket CW back to where it was so the timing marks line up. Hold it there while you wrap the belt around the sprocket and then a couple more sprockets/pulleys and you can release the wrench.
Search for 'Meaty's timing belt' video on youtube. It shows you what to do. You can access a hex bolt in the center of the cam, but you might have to remove a small cover.

Alternately, you can use GENTLE clamping from vice grips to hold the upper and low cams on the driver's side so they don't move. This is how I did it. Worked perfectly.

However, people have broken the cams due to too much pressure.

Big thread, including the person that broke the cams is here:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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