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timing belt

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hey guys a friends timing belt on a 99 ob went , does this mean the engine is wrecked or could it be replaced and everything be fine?
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2.5 ? that's an interference engine

probably less than 10% chance valves weren't bent. Compression/leakdown test will tell.
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Lots o damage.
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bent valves is what you get for a blown timing belt on a 1999 legacy outback. (presuming it is a legacy outback).

here is a thread for you to review, before throwing the car away. if it is a rust free thing,...maybe drop in a the correct EJ22. with this thread

however if it has rust, it is a parts car for "someone" or just plain scrap, and time to move onward and upward to something better.
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Slap a belt on it and see if you got lucky, but typically they bend most/all of the intake valves.

Options, I would choose the first one myself but I'm boringly practical with cars:

1. swap in an EJ22. easy, cheap, practical, most reliable engine Subaru ever made. you can get 100,000 miles so cheap and reliable it's well worth it. Auto Parts Market and get a tested/running low mileage EJ22 following the guide I wrote linked to above.

don't forget to sell your EJ25 block to recoupe some costs when you're done.

2. you can also bolt EJ22 heads to your current block, bump compression and be pushing about 190hp.

3. you can swap in another set of DOHC heads with good valves. actually I probably have a set I could sell you if you're around the mid-atlantic or down south.

4. lap in new valves for all the bent ones.

if you do 2-4 then be sure to resurface the block and only use OEM headgaskets.

as well as japanese timing belt kit - timing belt, pulleys, and new tensioner for whichever engine/repair you decide.
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