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Timing Marks - Requesting Double-Check!

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Hi everyone,

I am doing my first timing belt swap on my sister's junk (she considers it junk, I obviously do not) 2.2L Impreza. I know this is an "Outback" forum, but since I plan on doing this on my Outback soon - I think practice counts. Anyway - I'm hoping you very knowledgeable Subbie folks out there will provide me with a sanity check before I release the tensioner and spin my crankshaft a couple of times and reassemble. Does it look like I'm on in terms of timing marks and belt placement? I think I'm good on the passenger cam and crank, but I am nervous I'm off a tooth on my driver's cam. It seems like the mark on my belt on the DS cam doesn't align with a groove on the pulley, so it could go either way and I'm worried I went the wrong way.

For those curious, this car had the toothed idler bust, and I'm sure timing skipped at least a tooth or two but it somehow managed not to break the belt or get too far off that I'm hoping there's no valve damage, and if it runs, I may get to inherit this car for my time.

Thanks in advance! Pics of my timing marks setup:

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Turns out I didn't have the lower driver's side clip of the air box over the throttle body quite on, so that caused the stall issue. Fixed this morning, car is running like a champ.
I wrote a post about my 2005 Outback 2.5 couple days ago. I had a timing belt changed by my mechanic and after that I am experiencing similar problem (I think) to the one OP had. Rough idle and stalling. Anybody thinks it might be same thing. If so where would I look for it?
Thanks for any help
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