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2006 Subaru Outback Wagon 2.5L XT Limited
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Hello all,

I'm not very familiar with off-road tire specs. I always just used the stock tires on trails previously. But I feel like maybe I have just been lucky.

Looking to replace the stock tires on my outback onyx with some wildpeaks. In order to save some cash I was just going to replace the 4 tires for now and keep the spare with the stock tire and replace that later.

Comparing the 235/60 r18 vs 225/60 r18 sizes. Does the 235 (6ply) offer that much extra protection than the 4ply 225 tire? If I stick with the stock size then I don't really have to worry about the spare being the stock tire. If I install the 235 tires and run into a scenario where I need the spare then will that ruin the drivetrain?

Considering I have only ever used the stock tires I am kind of thinking the 225 4ply would be fine. I have done a lot of noob off-roading using the stock tires and not really thinking about it until recently. Like I said I don't have any experience with off-road/AT tires.

Also wondering if the 235 on the spare still fits in the spare tire compartment. If only while aired down that is ok because I have an air pump.

Personally, I would recommend getting another set of rims for the off-road tires. Steel Rims. Before/after off-roading, switch the tires. This way you don't wear down the tread on the off-road tires as much. If you are going off-roading, I would also recommend upgrading other components on the car, not just the tires. is very knowledge about tires and rims, they will be able to help you with picking out the right tire and rim package or just off-road tires on stock rims.

I doubt the spare tire compartment will fit a 235 that is a very wide tire. I have a 225 in my spare tire compartment and I had to let out all of the air out of the tire and have it up side down for it to fit. Of-course the car had been rear-ended, so the body shop might have not put the tolerance back to the manufacturer specifications.
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