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Ok..been going crazy on getting any tire shop to give an answer to my dilemma. 08 outback 3.0R.stock 17 in rims.factory tire size 225-55/17. I want to bump up in size and mostly highway performance/handling/and a little speed ofcourse.but often in bush trails to get to mountain biking trails.tired of getting flats and rubbin my belly....pleeeease help...thanks all..Ron.Ontario.Canada
moved thread.

as bigger tires won't protect you, how about some skid plates.

how about a lift kit, like this one:

and more tires on more rims.

maybe a good strong sidewall snows, or good All terrain on rims,

mixed with a set of better all seasons or yoko geolanders.

(I try to hang onto my winter tires until may, to get through spring mud season,
and then I just avoid muddy roads, only going into such places when they are bone dry).
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