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2002 Outback, 2.5L SOHC w/ 170k mile
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No really, when you are working on a 15 year old car with 175k plus miles on her, things break. So, my car died. Bad battery caused by a bad alternator. Borrow a car, ship a DB alternator in. Buy new belts, replaced those with my timing belt so seemed like a decent time to do it of I'm in there anyways. I go to replace the A.C. belt and the part where the tensioner bolt tightens snaps in two, breaks the tensioner. Then as I'm fiddling, the stick that holds up the hood pops out.

So, best place to pick up a new tensioner pulley and bracket, and where the heck is the stick supposed to go? Can somebody take a picture for me? 2002, OBW, 2.5 w/ automatic tranny.
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