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2013 Limited w/EyeSight
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I think I lurked here before the current generation came out, hesitated to buy for a few years, got my mother in law a Limited exactly a year ago, and finally picked up my own yesterday.

BIG change here. The end of almost 40 years of manual transmission, end of 28 years of white cars, and I think my first 4 cyl car that is not our 1930 Model A Ford.

A week ago today my wife offered buying me 1/2 new car, she quite surprised me with her frugal self when she said get the EyeSight. I collected about 1/3 the cost but am not complaining because she just paid for two bathroom remodels!

With the year old Limited (just hit 4000 miles) and 2013 in family..... I still think the 2010 - 12 is better looking, but CVT and handling seem better with the 2013 but these are not huge differences.

I chose silver which seems to make the front end changes look better or not stand out too much.

Now for the funny part. I'm a systems engineer by day and with all the electronics need to stop wasting time on the Internet and read the manuals.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts