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2005 Outback 2.5i 4 inch ADF lift 215/70/16 BFG's Sparco Wheels
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Im having a steering problem related to my top hat bearings and need some advice. I have a 97 legacy wagon with a 6 inch SJR lift. I put new forrester struts on and kept the legacy springs.
I had never done a set of struts before and I have something wrong with my top hat assembly ( the way I put it together) or bad bearings ( they are only 8 months/7000 miles old.
When I turn the car wants to continue tracking in the direction of the turn, with the left turn being worse. It is aligned correctly, tracks strait on the freeway but crowned asphalt roads are strange
When I got it aligned the tech said my top hat nuts were too tight. But, the guy who repairs my big issues said they should be tightened all the way down and still be smooth
Mine do get smoother if I loosen the top hat nut out to the last couple of threads showing, but thats got to be too loose. If I tighten them down snug you cant turnn the strut by hand from the wheel well.
Im such a noob at struts I dont know If you should be able to turn them by hand

Help Please
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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