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With my 2006 MT Outback I easily towed a Chalet that had an empty weight of 1350 lbs. through the desert, Arizona, Canada, over mountains, etc. The only issue is that you do not want to stop on a steep hill and then start out as this can tend to burn the clutch. However, it can be done if you are careful, that is, actually let the clutch out once movement is felt. Other issue is backing up with a manual transmission is not really efficient as the gearing is wrong, but still I had no trouble with my MT. You might consider the hardside popups like the Chalet if you do not have too many kids as they feel bigger in every way to a canvas poptop due to the great glass area. Do not get the extended sides as this cuts down the view. These hardside Alpine type roofs can withstand most any weather, even snow and sandstorms. Some, even have a built in bathroom.

The key to towing is really having electric brakes for the downhill sections. With my MT Outback mountains were never an issue or the weight with a full car and even a full trailer and two kayaks on top of the car. The key is balance and putting the weight over the axle without getting the trailer rear heavy, plus watching the starting on steep hills. My Chalet is like new after 8 years of use and takes under a minute to set up the main poptop and 5 minutes more to put the stabilizers down. It does not mildew or rip and is insulated.
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