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Towing with XT

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I'm hoping to tow a Spec3 racecar (spec weight w/ driver 2900lbs) on an aluminum double axle trailer with brakes (1300 lbs) with a 2005-2009 Outback XT manual. So, I'm looking at 4200lbs loaded trailer weight with a corresponding tongue weight of roughly 420lbs (10%).

The US towing specs are 2700lbs gross trailer weight and 200lbs tongue. Apparently, European models (self-leveling suspension?) are rated at nearly 4000lbs though I haven't found tongue weight.

I figure I can stiffen up the suspension and get that at least as good as Euro spec with King Springs, maybe stiffer struts of some kind, and upgraded swaybars. I'm not sure how to increase max tongue weight, though.

Long story short, any thoughts on how to increase the max tongue weight? What's the weak link?

I've done tons of searching on this forum, legacygt and subaruforester etc. with no luck. I'm aware that this might be dangerous. Please don't respond with safety first, buy a truck, think of the children etc. Thanks for any responses.
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The only way you will get this to work is to:

Shift the axle(s) on the trailer toward the front to reduce tongue weight, AND

Install a quality weight distributing (equalizing) hitch into a FACTORY receiver. An aftermarket one won't be strong enough, nor will it have enough extra gussets and brackets to distribute the gross overload. It's not the dead weight that should scare you, but the heavy mass moving around on rough roads, that will try to make your XT swap ends and then roll.

Please don't do this! If you do, be sure to take pictures and post the story after you try this on a deserted road. Do not take anyone with you in the car!

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
To the OP - maybe you should start a new thread asking what fun daily driver would be safe to haul your load.....

Have you thought about a compact V8 powered SUV like a Trailblazer SS? It will easily tow (and stop) 6700 pounds and is a hoot to drive. Or maybe a Grand Cherokee SRT8? It has a 5000 pound rating, but I doubt your trailer would worry it much.

If you don't need 4wd you could maybe go with a Dodge Magnum RWD, but I think the tow rating is borderline ....

Look for serious power and cooling, and a factory tow package. Whatever you decide on, it most likely won't be fuel efficient, but the Outback XT is a gas hog, especially in the city.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
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