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2001 Outback L.L. Bean H-6 3.0 Auto Trans
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I know you can put a tow bar on almost anything, but can the EZ30D (from an '01) reliably tow? On an L.L. Bean wagon is that something worth investing in or would its towing options be so limited that it wouldn't be worth putting one on?

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moved to the towing section, lots of threads.

200# tounge weight on all subarus, (that is really low for trailers)

212hp and 210 torque is more then the H4s,....but the weakeness still is cooling,.... and braking in what is a 16 year old car. (not factory fresh).

so if you can keep the thing you are towing very light like 1200 lbs. go ahead.

or find something a little tougher. (like a 5.2 or 5.3 pickup, or body on frame SUV).
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