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Does anyone know if there's a way to test the throttle position sensor? I tried to test the voltage on mine and got no readings. Took it off and tested the resistance and it jumps around, so I assume its working properly. Just not sure why I couldn't get any voltage. The car has been sitting about 3 months to replace the engine. When I went to startup the first time it ran very rough and then died pushing on the accelerator. The codes it's thrown are p0122 and p1516. I don't want to buy a new sensor for 200 bucks if this one is working, just not sure how to be positive it's toast. Thanks
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Does yours have an electronic throttle body or is it cable driven? Did you check to make sure the pins on the sensor and harness are not bent and making a solid connection?

If its cable, and you have a scan tool that reads data, the closed position of the TPS is 0.0%/0.50 volts. The percentage and voltage will increase as the throttle is opened up to 100%/4.5 volts.

If its the electronic throttle body, make sure it is plugged in secure, start the car and let it idle for a few minutes to learn.

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Thanks cardoc. The sensor turned out to be fine it just malfunctioned because I had the coolant temp sensor unplugged and didn't realize it. Car has been running great.
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