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Trading in 2012 Impreza Hatchback for 2012 or 2013 Outback.

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Thinking about trading our 2012 Impreza HB for an OB. Reason, it is too small (kids 16,6). I thought I could get used to it (after being in a XC90) but not so much. Love the gas mileage. Driving a loaner OB 2013 right now and love it.

Soft trade in they are saying 16K. After doing research on values (MSRP was 23K, Limited, Moonroof, All weather, upgraded speakers). It is only a year old, 20K all highway (I know they don't care). Should I expect more?

KBB says 19.5 on good condition (mine is between good and excellent).

My husband and son are not so thrilled...apparently I am getting rid of the fun car for a big car....

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