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Trailer brake controller wiring?

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Alright, so I got this T-connector:
Tow Ready - T-Connector Outback, Forester - 118467 — hitchweb

Along with a Universal brake control installation kit:
Reese, Pre-Wired Brake Mate Kit Adapter, 7-Way Flat Pin Connector with Brake Control Wiring Installation Kit — hitchweb

There's a nice wiring diagram here:

And I got the Tekonsha P3:
Tekonsha - Brake Control: "P3" - Inertia Activated; CAP: 2 to 8 Brake Systems - 90195 — hitchweb

I might put the wires through the cabin, as I've seen here:

3 Questions:

(1) Any recommendations/pics of a brake controller mounted in a 2010+ Subaru? I'm wondering about removing the panel below the steering wheel and cutting out a small rectangle to poke the controller face through.

(2) Where do I tap into the brake wiring?

(3) I also got a solenoid to mount under the hood (so I don't drain the battery). Where can I tap into a switched power source?
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The universal brake control installation kit comes with two circuit breakers. I run a power lead to the breakers from my battery. Mounted the breakers under the hood. One breaker is used for the power to the brake controller and the other for the charge line to the trailer.
The P3 has a very small power draw when it is in the sleep mode. But if I do not plan to tow for an extended time I remove the P3.
I mounted my P3 up high to the right of the steering wheel.
Brakes are too important to trust getting power from anywhere except the battery in my mind.

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