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Trailer wiring on 07 LL Bean outback

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Got to wire my 07 LL Bean for a trailer and just looking to confirm where the wiring is on it. I think it is suppose to be behind the passenger side right rear quarter panel tucked deep in the frame. Can anyone confirm this before I start ripping the rear cargo area apart? Thanks for any heads up.
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I think it's on the other side; i.e. rear cargo area / behind the driver / quarter panel. At least that's where it was on my 2005 Forester, 2010 Forester and 2013 Outback. Some Subarus have that plug next to the wheel well/spare tire. If you go to and input your model and year of your car, it will show where the plug is! has a harness/wiring with the plug that fits exactly to OEM plug!
Before you start ripping panels out, have a look in the spare tire area/driver's side.

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Hi there!

On my '07 OB LL Bean, it was on the driver's side rear quarter panel. I took the lower trim off, and there was an unused plug waiting for my harness. Very nice. I routed the harness under the trim through a rubber grommet in the trunk pan. I did trim on the foam spare tire well cover to give the harness a bit of room, if I remember right, but it wasn't a big deal to get it like I wanted it.
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