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01 Outback H6 VDC, 97 GT wgn w/ ej22, 98 OBW w/ej22
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your 5 speed trans has a 4.11 final drive ratio.

any manual trans 96 - 99 from an outback, GT or forester should match. they all have the same ratio.

lots of other years will probablt fit as well but it will take a little more research to know for sure. the only 2 things to match are the final drive ratio and the push vs. pull clutch.

a non-outback / GT trans COULD be used but you would have to swap the matching rear diff as well.

for parts look here: Auto Parts Market . i would look close to home first to avoid shipping and then at the lowest price just to see if there is a real bargain out there even with shipping.

The transaxle is making ungood noises that sound like a diff with a whole lotta miles on it.
a whine, a scream, a clunk, a hum, a clicking, a whirring ??? or does it sound more like ''luke, i am your faaather.''
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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