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I had to drop the transmission (4EAT) oil pan to fix a broken wire. But I didn't complete the work quickly. The transmission has been sitting there for quite sometime, with each day there is some ATF coming out.

I did not remove/replace the valve body though.

In this case, is air bleeding needed? This, based on manual, requires subaru monitor which most of us don't have.

This topic is not well covered on the forums. It seems the consensus is that, for a simple drain and refill, there is no need to bleed. However I could not find information about dropping the oil pan, and in particular, sitting for a long time without pan.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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never read of any special bleeding for the 4EAT.

just go by approximate volume lost, fill to just under that and take readings while idling, add only a few ounces ata a time - the distance between the marks on the at dipstick is NOT a quart - more like half pint or pint so, sneak up on the correct volume, drive the caar, re-check once or twice and you should be OK.
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