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1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited
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Hello all, I just joined this forum today since I am struggling finding good information elsewhere. Here's my ordeal. Long story short bought a 98 Subaru with a 2.5 that was knocking, swapped a good 96 2.2 in, using the 2.5 trans (Hydro Fork) and what do you know, seller neglected to tell me the trans is shot. 3rd gear grinds and pops out, and there is no 4th gear at all, 5th grinds as well. Well either this trans was shot to begin with which I believe it was, or using my 99 clutch assembly with the 96 engine with the 98 trans isn't right? I know I need to research final drives of my years, so the real question here is I have a complete 99 Subaru Legacy Brighton 2.2L 5mt and I'm asking if I can use the 99 transmission (Cable) but I do see bolt holes for the slave cylinder on the bellhousing.

1) Can I use 99 5mt trans in a 98 Subaru Outback, I'm sure it'll bolt up but I wanna know if they're the same for VSS and other connections.

2) Did I do a bad using the 99 clutch assembly (Flywheel to Pressure Plate) with the 98 2.5 Trans?

3)I would rebuild the trans but I have found a 98 trans in my area for $350+Core, I doubt I could fix it for that much.

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