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Transmission won't shift past 3rd gear

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I'm getting a new-to-me '99 Outback with an automatic transmission and flashing AT Oil Temp light. From what I've read, it appears to be in "limp" mode. I have not had the chance to pull the transmission codes, but the previous owner has told me that he's had it into the shop and was told that a selonnoid needs to be replaced. I had initially thought that it was a selonoid that shifted into 4th gear, but if its in limp mode, anything can be the problem I suppose.

I've read that changing the fluid can fix some codes and that the wiring harness can also be a culprit. This particular vehicle is blowing oil out of the rear main seal or access panel so the transmission is just covered in crusty old oil. Any chance that this might be the cause of the problem?

I've also read that with the AT light flashing, that it is an electrical problem rather than mechanical. Is that right? Any "usual suspects" type of thing I can do to begin trouble shooting?

Thanks in advance.
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See for a method to use the AT Oil Temp light to "read out" the code(s).

The thread has a list of the codes. Yes, most relate to open or short circuits in the connection between the transmission control module and the related transmission component.

I doubt engine oil coating the outside of the transmission will cause a problem other than making the tranny rather dirty.

Get the codes, and then, if you want, report back here.
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