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Tried to fix my knock sensor

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Alright everyone, I got the P0325 code and I did some research about it. I decided it was a cracked knock sensor like everyone says happens to them... Well I pulled it off and looked it over really well and it wasn't cracked but I already bought a new one so I decided to put the new one on. I put it on and started up my car and it starts up fine but then dies after a second, then if I give it gas it will die even quicker. Now when I scan for codes it doesn't show any codes. I put the old sensor back on and now the same thing. I'm not incompetent in working on cars but I'm also no expert. Any help?
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Oh I meant to put that info in my post but it slipped my mind. It is a 98 legacy outback 2.5 with about 140k miles. By the way thanks for the reply guys, I figured I knocked something loose but I honestly can't find it. I'll keep looking.
I missed a hose... Found it and problem solved. I was getting frustrated working on it last night in the dark and didn't see it. Lesson learned, thanks guys.
I got my ca up and running can the code was gone but now it came back... I'm not sure where to look now. I looked at the white connector and it looks fine, so I'm not sure where else the wire goes. Could this code mean a bigger problem?
Fixed it. I put a different knock sensor in and a new PVC valve, I don't think it was the PVC valve since the one I took off seemed to be okay, it was only a few bucks for a new one anyways so I just replaced it. Thanks everyone for the help.
The 45 degree angle is just the best routing for the wire to the connector. It shouldn't be to important but you don't want your wire wrapping backwards to the connector, also I think there could be a possibility of you breaking the new knock sensor if you have it at a weird angle and tighten down the bolt pressing on the side where the wire comes out.

All I did was connect the wire before tightening it down and it seemed to make sure it was in a good place.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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