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Tried to fix my knock sensor

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Alright everyone, I got the P0325 code and I did some research about it. I decided it was a cracked knock sensor like everyone says happens to them... Well I pulled it off and looked it over really well and it wasn't cracked but I already bought a new one so I decided to put the new one on. I put it on and started up my car and it starts up fine but then dies after a second, then if I give it gas it will die even quicker. Now when I scan for codes it doesn't show any codes. I put the old sensor back on and now the same thing. I'm not incompetent in working on cars but I'm also no expert. Any help?
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I'm in the middle of this job myself and am wondering about the importance of re-installing the sensor at that 45 degree angle that several instructions have indicated.
What is the reason for this and will there be a problem if I don't?

Thanks team!
By the way this is my first post and I'm a newbie to this forum.. aside from the HOURS I've spent reading all the knowledgeable posts in the past week. Love this place already.

As for breaking the sensor due to the incorrect angle: I doubt that.. it shouldn't have uneven pressure distribution from the bolt head unless the sensor itself wasn't properly seated.

As a final note.. it was a serious pain in the butt to work in that little area without removing the intake manifold. going to be happy if I never have to do that again!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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