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Trouble with ASWC-1

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Searched everywhere and couldn't find anybody with the same problem.
I installed a Kenwood DDX9703S HU into my 2010 Outback (2.5i Limited, 4 speakers, non-nav) and got an ASWC-1 for the steering wheel controls. Connected everything properly directly to the cables (no posi taps). All the buttons work when I turn the key for ACC power, but once I turn it again for ignition and when the engine is actually running, the buttons don't work at all, and sometimes, it'll start turning up the volume on my HU without any input from me, and the only way to stop it is to turn the car off.
Has anybody ran into the same problem and was able to fix it?
If no, what other SWC adapter works with the 2010 outback?
Would rather try to do it myself before going to the audio shop.
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Well, I finally figured it out. The instructions from AXXESS ask to connect the Gray/Blue wire on the ASWC-1 harness to pin 14. After reading up on, I noticed there's no mention of that wire. I disconnected it and voila, works perfectly.
So for anybody searching around for a fix, don't go by the AXXESS instructions, and instead go by
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