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So, I'm making this thread here because here is where I found THIS THREAD

I have a 2000 LGT.

My 6 disk took a dump, and I don't really wanna spend any more money on this car than I have to... plus I like to tinker. I looked around and found the above thread. I pulled my 6 disk, and that busted sub under my passenger seat. I found the red/white wires for audio. What I need to know is what wires I need to jump or power to send a 'cd in' signal to the head unit. Under normal circumstances I would break out the multimeter and start checking. However, my changer is now a brick and therefore attempting to get signal to the plug is pointless.

My goal is to use the OEM subaru 6 disk plug as a generic aux plug. SO I'll have the huge white plug with a 1/8 headphone cable coming from it and possibly a jumper on it to trick the head unit. Then I'll put this nice gauge panel, that I'm pretty sure I still have, in its place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure a direct line from my mp3 player to the head would sound better than a shitty cassette adapter :/
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