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The hose to the turbo was very easy to put on once I had the right tool. Snap-on makes a tool just for sneaking these types of hoses on. I borrowed one from a friend and it took only a couple minutes to put on.

The new turbo worked fine and I thought the car had more power. The turbo made more noise than the original but I guess that's okay.

I've since sold the car to someone I knew and he never complained about the car. After a year or so he got rid of it as well but I never knew why.

I enjoyed the car and the power the car had but I don't ever want to have the problems with a car like I had with that one. If I knew the day I bought the car what I do now I would have had the engine oil system modified and I doubt I ever would have had the problems I had.

I also would have liked to modify the oil return from the turbo and I've never seen anyone talk about this. The turbo will fail and when it does it seems like a great idea to not allow the metal pieces to enter the oil pan.

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