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I have a forester x single overhead cam. I am doing the timing belt.
This is with out the belt on.
I have the crank shaft sprocket lined up. But I can not get the
drivers side cam sprocket to stay in position. I turn it to the right and it
goes booing and rotates down. It will not stay. I turn with with strong resistence but then drops off a cliff. I removed spark plugs but
that did not help

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You have to find the "sweet" spot close to the timing mark where it will stay stationary, usually just before the 12:00 position. Then wrap the belt lining up the white marks with the timing marks. Its easier if you start with the passenger side cam and work your way to the driver side. By the time you wrap the driver cam, the belt will help hold it. Then you can install the last pulley and pull the pin from the tensioner.

If you have all the electrical hooked up, once you have tension on the belt the engine can be started without replacing the covers and accessories to make sure it starts and runs smooth. If you pulled the radiator to make more room, just don't run it more than a couple minutes.
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