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for most of us the answer is yes, it is worth it to replace the head gaskets. but your answer maybe different.

how long do you plan on keeping the car?
how many miles do you drive a year?

145k falls in the middle of a timing belt interval. how long have you had the car? how many miles?

typically these head gaskets leak externally and as long as you keep it full of oil and coolant you can drive them a long time while leaking . but if you are due for a timing belt then you may as well do it all.

but again, the timing belt was due at 105K miles. if it was not done then do not drive the car until it is . if it fails you will bend valves. if it was done at 105k, i would drive it a little longer and try and save up some money each month to pay for it.

cars are tools and cost money to drive. purchase price + repairs + gas + insurance. and for that cost you get miles. if spending $2000 allows you to drive the car another 40k miles (= 5 cents a mile) i believe that is worth it. maybe worth it if you only get 20k miles. (=10 cents a mile). the other thing to consider is how much could you sell it for? add that to the $2100 and what kind of car could you buy for that? what repairs would it need? how long will it last?

it is almost always cheaper to fix the one you have. but we rarely buy cars based solely on economics. we buy because we LIKE the car and we sell because we want something different, newer, fancier sportier, bigger, FASTER, etc ...

i would definitely get a second price.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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