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under seat sub for 2012

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Can the under seat sub be installed on a 2012 premium with the non HK radio with no nav? Is the head unit equipped for it? I like my head unit and the radio isnt on the top of my list of things to change. Just would like a little more bass.
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I believe that is what it was meant for as the HK system has a sub in the cargo area. The Subaru woofer comes with a T harness to hook it up to the OEM stereo.

Some useful info:

But you might want to check out my thread on an under-seat subwoofer installation I did. I went aftermarket for less than $200, which is less than the Subaru one. Although I haven't heard the Subaru version, mine has a bigger woofer (8" vs 6.5" I believe) and is fairly powerful at 120 watts RMS. This may be the ticket for what you're looking for. The Subaru one is probably more plug-n-play, but I think aftermarket should outperform it.
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Ill defiantly look into that thanks. I saw your sub woofer on crutchfields site and was considering it. How long did the install take you? Hopefully it works with the stock head unit, i see you put a different one in.
I set aside a half-day to do the subwoofer. I took breaks and basically took my time. It definitely helps the more familiar you are with the car. I can probably remove the head unit in this car in under 10 minutes now after doing it twice now.

The aftermarket subwoofer will work with the stock head unit. You'll either have to tap into the speaker wires to run speaker level signal into the new subwoofer amp, or perhaps David (Subaru radio and radio wiring harness information) has a harness that will make some line-level (RCA) outputs from the stock harness without having to cut, splice, tap, etc. I would definitely check with him first to see if he already makes something or can build you something. It will make the installation go smoother.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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