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under seat sub for 2012

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Can the under seat sub be installed on a 2012 premium with the non HK radio with no nav? Is the head unit equipped for it? I like my head unit and the radio isnt on the top of my list of things to change. Just would like a little more bass.
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Would also love to hear about how the oem sub sounds. I just bought a 2006-2008 Forester OEM sub for my 2011 Outback. I tought about buying the Sound Ordnance one but because it's a tight fit and that it obstructs the air-duct I went for the oem one.

I have a question about line/speaker level with aftermarket HU. I bought SVXdc 20-pins forward harness and I would want to know if the OEM sub from 2006-2008 needs line or speaker level input and how to achieve that hack? I have a Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS HU that has RCA sub outputs.

On the OEM HU, I'm always playing in the 20-25 area. Is it ok at this level or you can already see his limitations (do you consider that a "mid volume")? What kind of music do you have as a source?

I understand you bradze.

I wanted the Sound Ordnance B-8PT (as SVXdv recommended me) but decided not to buy it since according to this thread it takes all the under seat space (and most importantly, obstruct the air ducts). I'm from Quebec, Canada and in winter I have to put the heater at full heat, full fan for trips about 5-6 hours straight with two little kids in the back. That being said, I can't afford not to heat the back seats. Also, I don't want to blow heated (dusty?) air in the sub.

So, unless you could tell me how to redirect my air ducts passed the Sound Ordnance, I have no choice but to buy the smallest sub available, the OEM one.

I know that this OEM sub is not a kicker but I hope that it could at least fill the bottom end and add to the overall spectrum. I don't "listen" to the boooom sound for the fun of it (produced by big sub enclosures), but I want the kick drum and the bass in my rock songs to be reproduced in a well balanced way.

Thanks for any other input bradze
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