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One of the easiest jobs in the world to scam people out of money is car repair. Unless the customer knows their car well the mechanic has lots of wiggle room on just what they can say needs fixing and charge for.

I've caught very large dealers - very well known viewed as being good dealers charging for work they didn't do! Not talking little stuff either. Every time the response is the same BS they feed customers who they assume knows nothing about the vehicle. Every time I have told them to stop speaking and to listen carefully this is very hard for them to do but all of them have done it. I then tell them to pull out the parts break out and explain to them why I know they didn't do the job and that if I had the time I would not have paid them to do it I would have done it my self.

Large shops like dealers are far far easier to get them to step up and fix their mistake or lack of doing the job vs small shops. The Dealer has far more to loose if someone files a fraud BBB complaint against them vs the little guy who after X number of complaints - closes up shop then re opens under a different company name clean slate good to go. There was a tire shop in our local town that did this about every 4yrs everyone in town knew you never got any work at that place. Owned by a local family known for being a major pain in the ass. LOL
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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