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You can get an economics lesson out of this thread...

Most Americans need cars in their lives. Cars need mechanics to keep them running. Mechanics need paychecks from shops to keep them running. Shops need to pay for all kinds of stuff on top of labor, as with most businesses.

The trouble is that many people can't afford to pay a shop enough money that the shop can still afford to pay a mechanic properly, so there's a chronic talent shortage.

Given the complexity of modern cars, good mechanics are needed. But if they can't get paid what they are worth, they'll be motivated to find something else to do for a paycheck. Supercars, race teams, or non-automotive stuff, for example.

So you wind up with a lot of mechanics who can't wrap their heads around basic troubleshooting, and a few who are very good working on high-end stuff that most of the public doesn't drive.

Cardoc seems to be one of the rare exceptions who actually bothers to use skills like logic to troubleshoot problems, and still works on whatever the public cares to roll into his shop.

I do hope his shop is paying him appropriately.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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