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"Somewhere there is a person willing to make something a little worse and sell it for slightly less. Anyone who considers price ONLY, is this man's lawful prey."

one problem is, there are plenty of folks that will walk into a parts store and say; "I need the cheapest brake pads (or fan belt, or transmission fluid) you have." and if you don't have something to sell him, he'll go down the street and leave his money with your competitor.
That's okay. They won't be anyone's customers for long...

I carry a few ASE certs and friends and family call me from time to time. I always laugh at them when they find out that dealers can make mistakes.

My favorite example is what happened to my Friend. He took his van to the dealer for a recall and the conversation went like this:
Dealer: Ok, your car is done but we noticed your brakes are bad, they need to be changed asap.
Joe: Thanks for telling me, I don't have time now.
One week later at the tire shop to get studs on...
Joe: ...and while your doing the tires I need new brakes too.
Tech: sure no problem.
Minutes later...
Tech: We just checked your brakes and they are at 50%, no need to change them.
Joe, calls me: Why is the tire shop lying to me telling me I don't need brakes, I know I need them! The DEALER said so! :1pat:
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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