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Hi everyone, this is my first post and question.

I bought a used 2015 2.5i Premium which has halogen lights except for the “c shaped” section fo the headlight which is LED.

i want to avoid buying led parts that I don’t need and also Ide like to know if it’s possible to only use the C Shaped LED (factory one) as daylight just like it is the case on a Limited edition of the car.

So to sum up:
1) Which LED headlight manufacturer would you recommend and why?
2) Can I only buy the LED headlights components that I need without having to repurchased the C shaped LED which is already factory included in my model (then which parts to I specifically need)?
3) Can I set up the factory C shaped LED as my daylight, like on the limited version, as it is not actually the case?

thank you for your answers, suggestions and output.

Ariel (from Montreal)
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