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I am missing a piece on my wiring harness. It is a separate clasp that holds the upstream A/F sensor connector to the engine side of the wiring harness. I was told that it is specific to 2002 and maybe 2001. It's plastic and looks like a square with one of the sides missing. It fits down over the connection to hold it in place. Does anyone know what it's called or where I can find one?

The problem I am having is P0131 which shows a low voltage. I have mine electrical-taped in but I think it's not getting a good connection. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be mucho appreciative.

I included a pic of the funky little connector of the sensor.


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Disco Squirrel is cutting up a 2002 car on this thread,


maybe in the mean time, someone like @plain OM could recommend something to get more connectivity out of what you got,
or what the car side of that connection is called. or a smart course of action.

and here is one of those looks like for a 2002 subaru h4, rockauto put up some nice cartoon / pics
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