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2018 Outback Limited
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New to Subaru & Forum. I'm very happy with the 2018 Outback, and just have a few questions/issues. First one:

  • Why doesn't the USB indicator illuminate when I have my Samsung galaxy S8+ connected? I get someof the features of being USB connected, but the USB indicator never illuminates.
Troubleshooting& clues
- Have been trying for weeks to resolved
- Tried other tested-good USB cables
- Dealer also tried his cable and phone with noluck
- Bluetooth works fine
- 98% of the time I receive connection error when trying to connect using the "Apps" icons for Pandora,Subaru Starlink, & Aha. Although Android Auto works fine.
- Sometimes I receive a pop-up message that states"Advisory Message: No Signal"
- Pandora will rarely start with the Pandora Appicon, but will start if I use the Media icon
- Subaru software version Rel2.17.22.30
- On phone "Use USB to" setting is setfor "File Transfer" and tried all others
- Reset Subaru display to factory settings
- Confirmed setting "Auto show connected device" is on
- Confirmed setting "USB device automatically play" is on

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Might be as simple as the charging current drawn is too high, and the +5V charging pin shuts down. USB is supposed to do that.

Have you tried plugging in other devices that draw charging current?
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