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Using 0W40 instead of 0W20 oil on the 2013 2.5 OB

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Hi friends,

Possibly a dumb question (as I for some reason cannot fully wrap my head around the oil viscosity thingy), but my 2013 2.5 Prem CVT manual recommends 0W20 synthetic oil. If I was to use Mobil 1's 0W40 oil instead, would it do any harm, either in short run and/or over time?

I currently have only a few hundred miles on my 2013 OB, but plan on doing first new car oil/filter change around 1000 mile mark.

plex :cool:
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Using 0-40W will do no harm what so ever to your engine. It will just cause the engine oil pump to pump harder than it needs to which is a mechanical loss meaning you are making your engine run slightly harder than it needs to resulting in a minor loss in mpg.
That is why most manufacturers have spec'ed this oil it flows better.

Even my BMW E93 twin turbo engine spec'ed 5-30W which certainly runs hotter off the turbo discharge than the Subaru normally aspirated engines do.

What oil does the Forester turbo run, anybody know? I am guessing a little thicker than the 20 weight...
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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