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Using 0W40 instead of 0W20 oil on the 2013 2.5 OB

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Hi friends,

Possibly a dumb question (as I for some reason cannot fully wrap my head around the oil viscosity thingy), but my 2013 2.5 Prem CVT manual recommends 0W20 synthetic oil. If I was to use Mobil 1's 0W40 oil instead, would it do any harm, either in short run and/or over time?

I currently have only a few hundred miles on my 2013 OB, but plan on doing first new car oil/filter change around 1000 mile mark.

plex :cool:
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I'm old fashioned and used to always dump the factory oil at 1000 miles but cars have changed quite a bit over the years. Oil doesn't need to be changed every 3000 miles (except for that first oil change which should be done at 3000) so you shouldn't be changing out that break in oil until you hit the 3000 mile mark.

As others have said you can put the 40 in but your engine will work harder. If you live in a colder state it would be even worse in the winter.

Engines are not manufactured as they were in the olden days. The machining process is much more precise so oils like 0w20 are going to be more common for the sake of efficiency.
you are much better off buying the OEM Subaru oil and filters (at least until the warranty is up) This will give you more legs to stand on if there is ever a mechanical problem with the engine during the warranty period. Also, keep your receipts.

Wrong, use the correct oil (ie - 0w-20) and filter spec set in the owners manual and you're ok. Subaru makes neither oil or filters, they only stamp thier oils and filters with thier name. Yes keep receiipts.
To oversimplify, the first number is cold viscosity (start up or severe cold). The second number is hot viscosity (operating temp). If the recommendation is 0w20, then you can substitute anything with the last number of 20. You could also do a 30 if you felt like it. But a 40 is diesel and high temp territory. No need for that. It wouldn't hurt anything other than your mpg, but there's no reason to do it unless you were driving through the desert uphill.

Reasonable substitutes for 0w20 would be a 5w20, 0w30, or 5w30. Anything over that would be pointless. The only reason they recommend 0w20 over the previous 5w30 is efficiency. It is simply to help with gas mileage.
Simply not true, correctly the last number is a thicker viscosity. Most modern engines require thinner viscosities due to the newer engines being built to much closer tolerances. I higher viscosity prevents proper lubrication.

Wrong, use the correct oil (ie - 0w-20) and filter spec set in the owners manual and you're ok. Subaru makes neither oil or filters, they only stamp thier oils and filters with thier name. Yes keep receiipts.
Wrong - really? Of course Subaru does not make their own oils or filters. Why would you go to the dealer and buy the wrong viscosity and the wrong filter for the vehicle?
I am an AMSOIL dealer and still use the Subie branded oil and filter while the car is under warranty so there is "absolutely" no chance they will try to deny a warranty claim based on oil. It actually is not that expensive compared to the Synthetics at the auto parts store.
Subaru recommends 0-20 but in the Philippines where weather is hot 90-100 degrees F, they use 5w-30. I noticed abnormally high temp after a long hard drive. Had the oil drained after 1,800kms and saw separated bdirty and clean oil draining together so I’m trying out the Shell synthetic 0-40. Couldn’t find 0-30 here. Am out of warranty already but religiously had the dealer change the oil of my 2017 Forester. Will check oil, change filter condition and top up at 2,000kms
Been running 0w-40 since about 60k (now at 130k), since I got the Volvo and it runs on 0w-40 from the factory (for my weather conditions) so it's easier to just buy one kind.

I figured why not because it does get hot here (100*F or higher in the summer and lots of stop and go when accidents happen). Winters are at or near 20-30*F, with occasional dips into the negatives so easier starting would be nice, and one oil to do it all would be ideal.

I change every 5k and have no issues with the engine yet. Only thing I have had to do is change the PCV valve but that's it. Doesn't burn oil and alls good so far.
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