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Using the USB to play MP3s

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BTW, this is on a 2013 Crosstrek Premium on the Type-A radio w/o the Nav system.. I found a manual for the Type B radio with SatNav specifically say 8GB limit but found no mention of such in my Crosstrek's Owner's Manual in Section 5 for Audio.

First car to have a USB slot so I bought an 8gb USN 2.0 flash drive (PNY brand) and copied all the MP3s I have on my laptop to it to try it out... I was looking in my manual and saw no mention of the 8GB size limit (has anybody successfully used a larger flash drive???) but I noticed a few things...

The car's head unit is able to read the MP3's filename properly, as it displays the song correctly, but it seems like it doesn't read the FOLDER properly. When I rip CDs using WMP (yeah, I know...) it puts it (by default) into the Music folder then Group then Song. I'm wondering if the car's head unit is not parsing the Group properly (i.e. does it read the hyphen or should I rename the groups to remove spaces, hyphens, etc...???

All I see if like "F XX" where XX is an integer between 01 and 155 and I'm not seeing the folder name like I think I should....